By the path of youth – Reality show by Rajna Banovac

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May I introduce myself

I am RAJNA BANOVAC, an audio-video blogger, an author and  a virtual assistant. I do online business, I am free to work anyplace. That’s enough to have internet and smartphone or iPad. That’s great, isn’t is? I very like internet and I wach what success people do and I try to do same steps to achieve better life. But I’m an original person like you.

We all want to accomplish our purpose, feel better in our work, love our job or business or any kind of our daily creative activities and want to earn money.

So, this is a blog I want to share with you useful information and knowledge to help you in domain of changing your life. The change is related to the money, health, relationships and more other scopes in you life which you wish to be improved.



Do you think BIG and do you want to be in the BIG IDEA?

If your answer is YES, you have done the first very important step. You are here! I will help you no matter how old are you, no matter you don’t speak English well (like me), no matter where do you come from, no matter what your biography story etc. You are welcome in the world of your possibilities.


This blog is on reparation and the most of parts are in Croatian especially my YouTube channel. 

In meantime enjoy sceens from nature, travel with me and subscribe on YouTube chanell and on this blog. Leave your e-mail address and periodically you will receive some useful information.

If you look for some of kind earning, watch the video about some of kind of business or freelance activities. Highlight I put on the network marketing, one of the great business idea and opportunity for all people. But, we must to learn how does it works, how earn money on legitimate way especially residual income. On time we have to care about our  life especially when we reach 60+.

If you lack the energy for life and work, I have the solution for you. However, it is up to you whether you will apply my leadership and accept the knowledge what I gain from the best world experts, especially in the area of spirituality and personal development.


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So, follow me, join me. We all together can realize our dreams because the dreams run the world.