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I am Rajna Banovac. I am a  audio-video blogger, motivator an author too and I work as an virtual assistant and e-teacher in network marketing industry. I like online business and using this beautiful technologies and I learn every day and transfer my knowledge and experiences to my students. My moto is: „What can I do right now!“ I think never is late to do the first step to better life and do something to help world to be a better place for living.

I live in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, small republic placed on Mediterranien. My country is small but beautiful. I believe you will enjoy in many video materials in my web site, especially on podcast TOUR GUIDE (in the preparation). I try show you the places I pass through and where I live. Maybe we meet some day and you be my real guest. Maybe you come to my house on Adriatic coast and enjoy untouched nature.



This is my first book (in Croatian):  PEOPLE FROM THE SHADOW

This is my second book (in Croatian):  ADAPTATION

I have a desire to find translator(s) and sell my books all over the world for $ 1. Compute: 2 books per $ 1 = $ 2. Compute further: a million readers – a total of $ 2.000.000. The translator can get 10% income from my copyright, forever.

An amazing offer, isn’t it?!



Me and my mechanical Olimpya typewritter.





In 1974. Economy middle school in Zagreb. My favorite class: typewritting. In that time I thought that accounting is literature. Oh, my God, what a mistake! But these machines impressed me. I had a dream about my own electric IBM typewritting machine and travelling with it all over the world. I was dreaming about some revolution and leading many people to the better world but in that time I didn’t know how I could do it. A little fraile girl, missunderstood and only seventheen old years! Did I have in that time had – the VISION: a computer, a keyboard and travelling all over the world by internet!?

But now:




I also work in network marketing industry. Why? It’s possibility to create healthy and free life and receive residual income. I believe you whish it too. I want to give you my knowledge, experience and help you to achieve your financial freedom as well. More




Persistent. When she sets a target she must achieve that. She is very naive and endlessly trusts people. When she will be get awake. (mother Fadila)

She constantly looks for an ideas and solutions. She is a shooter with goal. She feels the best with her keyboard. She learns more than our children. I am happy to help her to realise herself. (husband Vlatko)

I was cooperating with Rajna for many years in few IT projects in domain of the documentation systems. Rajna is specially responsible person who manage her tasks very quality and on time. She is organised and her mind is open for new ideas and challenges. She is a cooperate person who everyone whish have in own team. (Josip Mance, IT project manager)

Rajna was as a young girl start working in responsible jobs. She is very conscientious, exacted and committed to her work. She is gentle but she never will be stopped on the way to her goals. She is an author and she wrote 400 pages which are read almost in the breath. Her heart is a warm. She is a forgiving master and doesn’t worry about a small things. All in all, she is a big small woman. (friend Jasna Koruga, engineer of mathematics)


I wish you a pleasant and useful journey through this web site that will be better quality thanks to you. Choose the language on the Language option at the top of the page.




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