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Hi! I am Rajna Banovac, coach & share marketing trener.

I help people achieve a healthier and better life through the application of certain knowledge and natural dietary supplements.

As a coach and share marketing trener, I help people generate additional income by sharing experience, knowledge and useful information.

I come from Croatia. I don’t speak English well, but when we practice we get better at everything we do. Thank you for your understanding and support.


In this post the topic is: DOES INSOMNIA RELATED TO AGING? What is melatonin? What is the role of melatonin?

Not only do we age, but a chronic state of stress is an additional agreveting factor for our health. Women, as well as men, who are chronically under pressure (that is the majority of the population) age faster and get sick sooner. Is it necessary to get sick? Let’s see how you can help yourself?

Stress is becoming an increasing problem. Many people seek psychological help: psychologists, psychiatrists, priests, but also coaches, therapists, teachers of various self-help techniques. People join groups with the same problems and goals seeking help or offering help. That way they feel more useful and better. They help other people because they know what stress and depression are.


You can help yourself a lot. But you need to invest time and work.

The chemistry of your brain decides how you will feel and whether you will be healthy. Remember when you were in love. It is not just the result of youth. Youth does not guarantee a good life and good health. When we are in love then we have a special energy. The world is beautiful. We are beautiful to ourselves. Our partner is especially beautiful. Falling in love is chemistry.

The chemistry in your brain determines whether you will be happy, creative, sad, aggressive, melancholic, apathetic, depressed or angry today. It determines whether you will be sleepy and tired. Brain chemistry determines your emotional state.

What makes chemistry? These are substances that transmit our physical stimuli. Stimuli can call for action or call for rest and lethargy.

…adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, melatonin, histamine, acetylcholine, amino acids, gammaglycin, neuropeptides (endorphin that is released when we are happy, in love, after exercise).


It is necessary to recognize the disturbances you have. You need to move towards elimination and transformation towards the goal of being calmer and happier. All starts with you. Do not resort to chemicals or excessive stimulants.

Thoughts affect brain chemistry. Learn to follow your thoughts. Accept your thoughts. Analyze your thoughts. Find the cause of such thoughts. Throw away the excess load. Focus on thoughts that make you feel good. Thoughts can make you healthy or sick. You have a choice.

Physical activity! Protect yourself from harmful external influences. You can’t avoid everything, but you can choose good food. Hydrate your body during the day. Use natural cosmetics and natural cleansers. Harmful substances enter through respiration, through the skin and through food.

Don’t sit too much at the computer or watch TV. Blue light negatively affects health and sleep. Go to nature. Remove toxic people from yourself. They are vampires who take your soul and your time.

Try to establish good communication with your family, colleagues and friends with whom you have disturbed relationships.

Change your attitude and reactions to circumstances. Then you will be fine. Then everyone around you will be fine.

The intestines and the brain are in direct contact. What we eat affects the quality in the transmission of information to our cells via transmitters.

Food additives make it difficult for our body to function. Determine your best lifestyle. Exercise, hiking, gym, yoga, dancing, time for yourself, making love – there are many ways to a better life.

What is your attitude towards life? Is life torture or is life a wonderful way for a variety of experiences?


During aging, changes occur in our body. Mostly not good There is a change in hormonal balance. The ability of neurotransmitters to transmit information to cells changes. Cells begin to receive incomplete or incorrect information. This is how malignant and other diseases occur. The function of the hormone pregnenolone decreases. This triggers a chain of further negative changes. This affects the reduction of progesterone. Especially women then feel very bad.

Mitochondria are cells that produce energy. These cells we start lost. That is why we are getting tired as we age.

There is an increase in cortisol Cortisol is a stress hormone. It is needed in certain quantities. But today, people suffer from increased cortisol levels on a daily basis. When cortisol is secreted then all other functions in the body work to stand by. Better said: in cold drive. This also applies to our immune system. Then we can get sick easily. Humanity is sick of elevated cortisol.


All our body systems work in the mode of homeostasis. It is the way the body regulates internal functions independently of external stimuli. The hypothalamus is a small gland in the brain that controls homeostasis. Homeostasis means balance in the work of our organism.

In this story of aging, that means moving homeostasis to a lower level. Aging diseases such as insomnia, forgetfulness, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, digestive disorders occur. The body begins to deform. This is all due to elevated cortisol levels.

Psychological disorders occur: aggression, apathy, unreasonable sadness, depression, withdrawal from people or provoking people. Hating people more and more, and on the other hand we don’t like to be alone.


We cannot stop the natural process, but we can slow it down. We can bring ourselves into a state of new youth. A holistic approach should be noted. We are, you are the union of body, mind, soul. We are inspired by life energy – spirit. Give more love. Find a purpose. Serve others in love. Respect yourself.

Now we are learning about melatonin.

Melatonin is the hormone that most affects the balance of all other hormonal systems in the body and the work of our neurotransmitters. In the process of aging, melatonin is lost. The drop in melatonin levels is very dramatic. We call it the marker of brain aging.

Melatonin is directly related to the periodic changes of day and night and to the energy of the universe. It is through melatonin that we are connected to the higher energy system that determines life as a whole.

The insufficient sun exposure is a big problem today. Exposure to artificial light, it is known that blue light and electromagnetic waves 464 – 484 nano meters long, reduce the secretion of melatonin and the work of our pineal gland (computers, cell phones, other devices), which emit blue light and affect the electromagnetic waves of our brain.  Work late into the night. Replacement of day and night. We do not recommend it at all because nothing in the world can replace a good dream. Melatonin is not just a sleep hormone. Melatonin is much more than that.


Melatonin acts both as a hormone and as a receptor resensitizer. Receptors need to be made sensitive and melatonin is very important here. It is the most powerful antioxidant that prevents our cells from rusting. Protects against degenerative diseases.

It helps in energy production and energy transfer through mitochondria. This means that your brain can work better.

Strengthens the immune system. Protects against all diseases.

It is a generally applicable substance.

Melatonin helps in establishing the proper sleep architecture. If you have difficulty falling asleep, if you wake up at night, if you are tired in the morning, you need an extra intake of melatonin.


This product will benefit you in these cases.

If you work in shifts.

If you travel a lot and change time zones.

If you work hard at a computer. Especially for those who work, study or play games long into the night.

If you want to have a brain with great functions.

If you want a good mood and optimism.

If you want more beautiful skin, strong bones, sexual power, good emotions.

If you are chronically tired – beware! it is a astenia syndrome, a very serious disorder that can endanger your health, then melatonin intake is required.


Nocturia is urination at night. Do you wake up at night and go to the toilet at least once? Research has shown that taking 2 capsules a day, half an hour before go to bed, solves the problem largely in a month.

Melatonin is a rejuvenator. What does that mean?

Hormonal and general youth is given to us by our hormones – progesterone and estrogen. In Italy, they conducted more research, giving melatonin to women and thus delaying the time of entering menopause. Significant relief of depression, improving mood. Restoration of pituitary and thyroid function and achieving youthful hormonal balance.

These are my favorites. They are in my use regularly.

Melatonin protects against all types of radiation. Don’t forget! Electrical and electronic devices around us emit radiation. Melatonin strengthens my bones and regulates the need for food. Melatonin lowers cholesterol. I said it is melatonin for all functions.

I prevented the development of insomnia in time.

I combine melatonin with rhodiolin. Rhodiolin is a powder of rhodiola rosea with the addition of vitamins. It regulates the secretion of cortisol, but provides the necessary energy for the whole day. It helps me the most for concentration and creativity. Probably for everything else because I’m perfectly healthy.

Vitamin D has become very topical at the present time of protection against infection. It strengthens our immune system, bones, teeth, protects the skin.

Let’s not forget about food choices. When we take supplements it does not mean that we should not eat quality food. Maybe the food in the tablets will be the food of future humanity. But now consuming food is an integral part of our lives.

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